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The Details

The Tim’s Kids Hockey program provides up to 20 children, between the ages of 5 and 8, the opportunity to try the game of ice hockey with minimal expense to their families.

The only qualification is that this be the child’s first hockey experience.

The organization will lend the child all the necessary equipment.  The sessions consist of ten, one hour, ice times.  Participants and parent(s) must attend an Orientation session at Space Coast Iceplex.. There is no obligation to our program at the conclusion of the session.  We do hope, however, to inspire new generations of Florida youth to become a long term part of our hockey family.


Tim’s Kids will lend most of the necessary equipment for one session. This includes: helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants, shin guards, jersey, stick, and hockey socks. The host rink allows us to borrow from their stock of rental skates, so we can provide them, too. The only piece of equipment we don’t provide is an athletic supporter with protective cup.

This equipment belongs to Tim’s Kids, but is assigned to each participant for one full session. The equipment remains at the host rink at all times.

Participants are welcome to use their own equipment, which, of course, you can take home with you.


Tim’s Kids covers a substantial portion of the cost. The only cost that the participants must cover is the USA Hockey registration (currently $48 for kids over 6). This registration is required for all players who participate in the hockey programs at our host rinks. It provides insurance coverage for player injuries, subscription to USA Hockey magazine, and other benefits.

Tim’s Kids covers the rest, particularly the ice rental. It is our objective to let as many kids try ice hockey with minimal cost to the parents.

Next Session

To get on the email notifcation list for our next session, please send an email to susan@timskids.org.