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Sled Hockey is an adaptive form of the sport of ice hockey.  Tim's Kids Sled Hockey programan opportunity for Brevard County's disabled athletes of all skill levels and ages to participate in a fast-paced, competitive sport that provides exercise and fun. Primarily, but not exclusively, geared towards athletes with lower body disabilities, the players use sleds and specialized sticks to play the game with only minor rules modifications.

Sled, or Sledge, Hockey is a fairly new and expanding sport for the disabled. Sled Hockey was first developed in Norway in 1971 in order to meet the special recreational, emotional and physical fitness needs of the disabled. Players sit in medal sleds and use short ice picks to propel themselves across the ice. Standard hockey rules apply. Legal body contact and raised puck shooting are as much a part of sled hockey as they are in traditional hockey.

Tim's Kids Sled Hockey offers youth and adults to try the sport of Sled Hockey in a free introductory program at Space Coast Iceplex in Rockledge.

Watch for information about future sessions.

  For more information about the Space Hurricanes Sled Hockey team, please click here.