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About Tim’s Kids

How It All Began

Tim’s Kids Special Hockey Team is the Space Coast SuperCanes. The participants have a range of disabilities such as autism, Down Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and intellectual disability. The Fuse is our special needs sled hockey team. The program is open to players with physical disabilities such as spina bifida, amputation, cerebral palsy, and accident-related injury.

Our Mission

Tim’s Kids Special Hockey seeks to provide the opportunity for Floridians with cognitive disabilities to play ice hockey. The mission of Tim’s Kid’s Special Hockey is breaking down barriers to Ice Hockey for disabled youth and adults in Central, Florida. Established organization in 2007 (and a 501(c)(3) since 2009), Tim’s Kids Special offers cognitively disabled youth and adults the opportunity to play ice and sled hockey at the Space Coast Ice Plex in Rockledge, Florida.

Our Goal

The goal of Tim’s Kids is simply to provide the opportunity to play ice hockey to those with cognitive disabilities. It is widely recognized that the cost of equipment and ice time is a major deterrent to getting kids into sport, especially in the special needs community as well as in Florida with the absence of frozen ponds. Tim’s Kids eliminates that issue by providing equipment, ice time, coaching, and volunteer support to make ice and sled hockey possible to the disabled community.

Our Impact

Tim’s Kids impact is derived from the number of participants and volunteers, and the number of athletes retained from year to year. Tim’s Kids provides all equipment and ice time at no cost to participants. We enrich the lives of those with developmental and cognitive disabilities through increasing their development and self-confidence on and off the ice by Having Fun, Learning Teamwork, Gaining Friendships and Increased Physical Activity.


Our team uses the name Space Coast Supercanes and wears the colors of red, black, and white. The name and the colors maintain our connection to the history of youth hockey in Brevard, where the youth hockey teams have been referred to as the Space Coast Hurricanes over the past decade or so. The Space Coast Hurricanes adopted the colors of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, thus the black, white, and red. The Supercanes crest uses the Tim’s Kids star with crossed hockey sticks designed by Tim’s son Nick at the inception of our organization back in 2007. The red star of Tim’s Kids is modified for the Space Coast Supercanes by embedding the Superman “S” within the star.

& Emeritus

Our Founders

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Without these key visionaries, Tim’s Kids would simply never have happened.

IN MEMORY OF Tim Szymula


IN MEMORY OF Susan Szymula

Founding member

IN MEMORY OF Tyler Chance

Athlete • Teacher • Friend


Coach Emeritus

THANKS TO Nick Szymula

Coach Emeritus

Guiding Principles

We provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to play organized hockey.
Winning defined as accomplishing our mission rather than scores.
Be clear and consistent with all skaters in our program.
Treat all players with compassion and respect regardless of their economic or cognitive ability.
Families and friends of Tim’s Kids skaters are encouraged to participate in our programs and events.
Every skater is valued the same with respect to playing time.
We do not have paid coaches or staff. Tim’s Kid’s is completely supported through volunteer effort in our community.

We Are EhthusiasticWe Are DrivenWe Are PlayersWe Are ChampionsWe Are Your Neighbors!

— Space Coast SuperCanes —

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It’s The People That Matter

Our Priceless Team

Developmentally and physically disabled youth and adults are typically not encouraged or able to be supported in neurotypical sports leagues and teams because those programs lack the resources, knowledge, volunteers, and role models and or equipment to facilitate inclusion. Tim’s Kids offers a unique program in the community where potential athletes can safely participate to the extent of their abilities with the training, support, and understanding unparalleled in the community. For many of the athletes, this is the only opportunity they will ever get to belong to a team or play a sport. Funding provides ice time, gear for athletes, as well as replacement gear for athletes as they grow. The team models inclusion for the athletes and the community as well as the special needs community. It fosters inclusion and participation of physically and mentally different abled children and adults.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us

Ice Sessions
% Champions

Our vision is simply to make organized ice hockey available to Floridians with cognitive disability regardless of age or innate ability.


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